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I have over 25 years experience in managing and delivering projects the in public, private, arts and not for profit arena's. My ethos is to leave a lasting legacy with the organisations and people that I work with.

I am Prince 2 practitioners but also comfortable using Agile methodology. My vision is to help you drive the maximum value out of the work that you do, by ensuring that you design and deliver projects and services that drive impact.

I get very excited about projects that drive positive social change and equality, I am a problem solver, I thrive on a challenge and have a very large toolkit of support that can be tailored to your needs.

I also run Foleshill Creates, a community arts group based at Broad Street meeting Hall, in Foleshill in Coventry. I am also a community arts producer.



Comprehensive project and programme management services.

Delivering solutions to organisations requiring support from inception through to delivery. We can help shape your projects to deliver quality services that have an impact. We can help devise in house resources that you can re-use and most importantly leave a legacy of skill and expertise.   

As our experience is predominantly in the not for profit arena, we offer bespoke services that can be provided at an hourly or daily rate. We give free advice too. We aim to give you capability and capacity when you need it.



We are an experienced team, with a track record of delivering services to  the not for profit, public and private sector partners. We aim to work with the not for profit sector because we know how difficult it is to find funding for a full time project manager. We know that often some organisations lack a skilled, focused, resource to get new initiatives off the ground. We also know that leadership teams regularly operate at maximum capacity , which is why we offer tailored support available in smaller segments. if you are considering starting a new service, talk to us about how we can fill your skills and resource gap.


We believe that skilled, motivated people deliver great projects and not complex project plans. Our services can be tailored to your needs, we pride ourselves on leaving a valuable legacy with the work we do for you. We will ensure that your organisation's project and management skills are embedded by delivering a service that is unique to you which you can use time and time again. By working directly with your teams we will mentor, develop and coach your staff as well as deliver an end to end project management service. We also deliver smaller bespoke sessions to kick your project off, with special rates for non-profits.


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Registered In England

Registered Office: 31 Droylsdon Park Road, Coventry, CV3 6EQ

Company Registration Number: 10173978



Tel: 07966 390 296

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